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What's on offer

London Careers Festival 2021 will be a week long virtual event full of interactive, fun, inspiring and informative activities, features and resources.

Our aim with the event is to provide a range of skills and career related resources for pupils, parents and teachers to explore virtually. This will include:

Live events

  • Webinars
  • Talks and tours from employers
  • Online skills building experiences
  • Q&A’s with experts and professionals
  • And more……


We have over 150 resources you can access throughout the year, available under the Resources section. These include:

  • Careers resources
  • Online skills building resources
  • Information on a wide range of roles, industries and sectors
  • Useful links
  • And more…….

Why get involved

For Students

This is YOUR opportunity to explore exciting career pathways and discover the skills needed to succeed.

  • Improve your understanding of the world of work
  • Get practical tips and advice from businesses and experts
  • Explore the skills needed to succeed
  • Find out about available career opportunities
  • Enhance your CV
  • Get inspired!

For Schools and Teachers

This is YOUR opportunity to enhance your career provisions and connect your pupils to the world of work through a curated set of offers.

  • Meet your Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Inspire students and fuel their imagination
  • Discover and develop students’ fusion skills
  • Connect your pupils to employers and opportunities
  • Motivate your students in their academic learning
  • An excellent addition to the resources you are providing to your pupils!

For Employers and Businesses

This is YOUR chance to engage with top talent and students of all backgrounds.

Showcase your opportunities, engage more effectively with schools and highlight the pathways into your organisation in an exciting, inclusive, resource friendly way.

  • Engage with schools and pupils. In 2019, over 5000 pupils from across London engaged in the festival!
  • Support young people with their professional development
  • Engage with the wider community
  • Enhance your CSR programmes
  • Provide strong L&D opportunities for your staff

Click on Book or Resources now to see further information.


Live webinars/workshops form a key part of what the London Careers Festival has to offer to schools and pupils. You can see a full list of these under the Book option.

While these webinars are free to all schools, we do require that you register and book tickets for these in advance. Key factors to note:

  • You MUST only book tickets for yourself or for pupils who you know will attend. Failure to do so may result in cancellation fees
  • All webinars/workshops are FREE to all schools/pupils
  • Bookings need to be made by teachers in the majority of cases, except for post 16 pupils.
  • Post 16 pupils may book onto events directly.
  • Bookings for different events will need to be made separately
  • Bookings will need to be completed using an Eventbrite form
  • Teachers – when you book tickets for your pupils, you will NOT need to disclose individual pupil details, only the number of pupils who will be attending. Therefore, book (one ticket x per pupil) so if you are booking for 10 pupils, book 10 tickets. Make sure that your pupils can attend the webinar on the day!
  • We have partnered with Pathway CTM for the delivery of a majority of our events. Therefore, TO CANCEL a booking you have already made please email
  • We have long waiting lists for many of our events and therefore we want to offer spaces onto our webinars to pupils who are keen to attend!
  • Additionally, cancellation fees may apply if you do not inform us of absences well in advance or attend the event on the day
  • Download the full booking policy here
  • For all queries, please contact 


The London Careers Festival has been carefully curated for pupils from the following age group:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • 16-19 yr olds (Year 11-13)


We hope that you make the most of what’s on offer and start exploring how you can continue to develop your skills and explore a range of career options today.

We would therefore encourage you to take advantage of all that we have on offer and attend one or more of our other London Career Festival events. You may, for example, consider attending one event in the morning and another at a different time.

More information on all available events on offer can be seen by clicking on Book.

Event Times

Most of our virtual events will be between 9am-3:30pm.

Please check specific events for exact dates/times. All events will vary and will begin and end at different times, so we would encourage for you to check this in advance.

All events which will require prior registration can be found under the Book section.

Don’t forget that there is also a huge number of resources available which can be accessed at any time. Click Resources to find out more.


  • All London Careers Festival events are offered as an educational activity. We ask that schools, sixth-form colleges and youth groups follow their own ‘offsite/safeguarding’ policies and procedures.
  • For events hosted by a partner organisation, please contact them directly. If you have any concerns regarding this please email with details of booked event(s).
  • We have numerous resources available to ensure that you have an informative and enjoyable experience. Please contact us if you have any questions about these.
  • We’d love for you to take some pictures as you get involved with what we have to offer and share them with us by emailing

Any queries ahead of London Careers Festival, please do email the London Careers Festival team at


We would encourage everyone to attend the London Careers Festival including those who may need additional support or reasonable adjustments to be made for their visit or participation. However to ensure we are making your involvement as enjoyable as possible please email the London Careers Festival team in advance with details of any additional support you may require at


Please note that all webinars and online sessions we deliver will be recorded. Please inform a member of the team in advance if you have any concerns about this by emailing us at



Is the London Careers Festival (LCF)  an annual careers festival?

Answer: Yes, London Careers Festival is annual skills and careers festival which takes place during the summer term each year. Visit our website to see dates for the next festival

Who is the London Careers Festival for?

Answer: London Careers Festival is for primary, secondary and post 16 pupils

What are the dates for the London Careers Festival?

Answer: Visit the Home page of our website to see the most up-to-date dates

Who organises and hosts the London Careers Festival?

Answer: The City of London Corporation who work closely with The Stationers’ Company and the Livery Schools Link Showcase to organise and host the festival

How much does it cost to attend?

Answer: This is a completely free event so the only costs will be your travel, food etc.

What does LCF stand for?

Answer: LCF stands for London Careers Festival

I am not part of a school, but I work with young people so can I book on to go with my young people?

Answer: We want the festival to reach as many people as possible, so this is definitely possible. Please contact us to get more information on this by emailing



What types of employers will be at the festival?

Answer: There will be a wide range of employers for you to explore. Our aim is to have a complete mix so there is something for everyone and pupils also have the opportunity to explore sectors which they may not have previously considered.

Will it just be a careers fair with stalls?

Answer: The London Careers Festival aims at being more interactive than just a careers fair and though there will be stalls there will also but live talks, interactive workshops and wide range of activities for you to explore.

If I am Post 16, do I have to come with a teacher?

Answer: If you are coming for the designated Post 16 day you may come without a teacher.

If I am Post 16, can I book for myself or will my teacher need to book for me?

Answer: If you are coming for the designated Post 16 day you may book as an individual but any other day your teacher will need to book on for you. Check event for further details.



Is my school eligible to participate at the London Careers Festival?

Answer: Although our aim is for schools within Greater London, ALL schools are welcome to participate and explore our events and resources.

How do I book tickets to attend the London Careers Festival with my pupils?

Answer: Booking information for LCF will be provided via our website so keep an eye here.

What venue is the London Careers Festival held at?

Answer: The Guildhall and various locations in and around the City of London

What is the nearest tube station to the Guildhall?

Answer: The nearest tube stations are Bank, Moorgate and St Paul’s

Will I need to attend the event with my pupils?

Answer: Apart from the designated Post 16 day, a teacher MUST attend with their pupils.

Will there be recordings and photographs being taken during the event?

Answer: Yes, the event will be documented/photographed/recorded. Please contact us directly if you have any questions on this.

What if I cannot make it last minute and need to cancel my tickets?

Answer: Please inform the LCF team as soon as possible, especially if you have booked a live talk or workshop as we want to be able offer your tickets to other schools.



Who do I contact in order to be a part of the Festival?

Answer: Please email if you are interested in taking part.

How can my organisation get involved in the London Careers Festival?

Answer: You could have a stall at the event, conduct a live talk, produce a workshop and/or provide resources for our website.

Is there any cost attached to being involved in the festival?

Answer: There is no cost attached for businesses to take part.

Is there a limit to how many resources an organisation can share via the LCF website?

Answer: No, there is no limit.

We hope you are looking forward to the London Careers Festival this year!