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LCF 2024 Programme

The London Careers Festival took place this year

Mon 26 Feb to Fri 8 Feb 2024


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LCF Information Pack

We want London Careers Festival 2024 to be a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone coming along. Please read through the LCF 2024 Teacher Information Pack to access all the essential information for your visit.

CLICK HERE to view the LCF 2024 information pack!


Ensuring that all young people are able to participate in the London Careers Festival (LCF) in a safe manner is really important to us.

We have therefore worked closely with a Safeguarding Consultant to ensure that all LCF sessions are safe for all young people to attend. See our full guidelines here to learn more about how we do this. We recommended you read these guidelines carefully as we have curated these for you to ensure that you can engage with the session fully and in a safe manner.


LCF safeguarding document- Under 16- virtual


LCF Safeguarding doc for Under 16s- in-person

LCF Safeguarding doc- Post 16- In-person


Risk Assessment for on-site Guildhall sessions

If you have any questions about these then please contact 



We would encourage everyone to attend the London Careers Festival including those who may need additional support or reasonable adjustments to be made for their visit or participation.

To ensure we are making your involvement as enjoyable as possible please email the London Careers Festival team in advance with details of any additional support you may require at



Is the London Careers Festival (LCF)  an annual careers festival?

Answer: Yes, London Careers Festival is annual skills and careers festival which takes place during the spring term each year.

Who is the London Careers Festival for?

Answer: London Careers Festival is for primary, secondary and post 16 young people up to the age of 25.

What are the dates for the London Careers Festival?

Answer: Visit the Home page of our website to see the most up-to-date dates.

Who organises and hosts the London Careers Festival?

Answer: The City of London Corporation who work closely with The Stationers’ Company and the Livery Schools Link Showcase to organise and host the festival.

How much does it cost to attend?

Answer: This is a completely free event so the only costs will be your travel, food etc.

What does LCF stand for?

Answer: LCF stands for London Careers Festival.

I am not part of a school, but I work with young people so can I book on to go with my young people?

Answer: We want the festival to reach as many people as possible, so this is definitely possible. Please contact us to get more information on this by emailing



What types of employers will be at the festival?

Answer: There will be a wide range of employers for you to explore. Our aim is to have a complete mix so there is something for everyone and pupils also have the opportunity to explore sectors which they may not have previously considered.

Will it just be a careers fair with stalls?

Answer: The London Careers Festival aims at being more interactive than just a careers fair and though there will be stalls there will also but live talks, interactive workshops and a wide range of activities for you to explore.

If I am Post 16, do I have to come with a teacher?

Answer: If you are coming for the designated Post 16 day you may come without a teacher.

If I am Post 16, can I book for myself or will my teacher need to book for me?

Answer: If you are coming for the designated Post 16 day you may book as an individual but any other day your teacher will need to book your place for you. Check event information for further details.



Is my school eligible to participate at the London Careers Festival?

Answer: Although our aim is for schools within Greater London, ALL schools are welcome to participate and explore our events and resources.

How do I book tickets to attend the London Careers Festival with my pupils?

Answer: Booking information for LCF will be provided via our website so keep an eye here.

What venue is the London Careers Festival held at?

Answer: The Guildhall and various locations in and around the City of London.

What is the nearest tube station to the Guildhall?

Answer: The nearest tube stations are Bank, Moorgate and St Paul’s.

Will I need to attend the event with my pupils?

Answer: Apart from the designated Post 16 day, a teacher MUST attend with their pupils.

Will there be recordings and photographs being taken during the event?

Answer: Yes, the event will be documented/photographed/recorded. Please contact us directly if you have any questions on this.

What if I cannot make it last minute and need to cancel my tickets?

Answer: Please inform the LCF team as soon as possible, especially if you have booked a live talk or workshop as we want to be able offer your tickets to other schools.



Who do I contact in order to be a part of the Festival?

Answer: Please email if you are interested in taking part.

How can my organisation get involved in the London Careers Festival?

Answer: You could have a stall at the event, conduct a live talk, produce a workshop and/or provide resources for our website.


We hope you are looking forward to the London Careers Festival!

LCF Worksheets

If you’d like to get your class prepared for their visit to the London Careers Festival, why not take a look at our worksheets. They are designed to help pupils to navigate the festival and to spark conversations with exhibitors.

There will be a number available on the day, but do feel free to print off your own.

PRIMARY: LCF Scavenger Hunt

SECONDARY: Career Snakes and Ladders