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London Careers Festival is an annual summer event which seeks to connect pupils with the world of work.

We believe that exposure to the world of work is essential for learners of all ages. London Careers Festival (LCF) does just that by connecting pupils with the world of work, so not only are they introduced to the diverse array of opportunities offered across Greater London and beyond, but to fuel their imaginations, develop their skills and inspire their futures.

In 2020, 100% of teachers responded positively to the festival

London Careers Festival 2022 will build on the success of previous year’s events (2019-21) which connected over 20,000 pupils with more than 120 organisations. The event will be delivered between 27 June – 1 July 2021.


London Careers Festival aims to:

  • Support schools to meet their Gatsby benchmarks
  • Connect students with employers from a range of sectors
  • Inspire students and fuel their imagination
  • Discover and develop students’ fusion skills
  • Explore apprenticeships, further education and career opportunities

100% of teachers agreed that London Careers Festival was relevant to young people in 2020


A key theme for the London Careers Festival, is what we call ‘Fusion Skills’.

Fusion Skills are a set of 12 skills which employers have told us are fundamental to the world of work now and in the future

In the 2019 festival, it emerged that pupils’ found it easier to talk about the skills they want to use when they leave school (e.g. being creative, working in teams) rather than specific jobs. Similarly, many employers were interested in showcasing the skills you need to work in their jobs rather than the industry or sector they were in.

So we now enable schools the opportunity to filter the events by Fusion Skills which employers will be promoting and showcasing. This should support pupils to think about what skills they have and what they will need to develop as they think about their future careers..

The 12 Fusion skills are:

  1. Oral communication / presentation skills
  2. Collaboration and teamwork
  3. Initiative
  4. Problem solving
  5. Organisational skills (planning, time management, deadlines, prioritisation, multi-tasking)
  6. Adaptability / flexibility
  7. Written communication
  8. Independent working / autonomy
  9. Critical thinking
  10. Resilience
  11. Creativity
  12. Analysis and evaluation skills

Who is it for

The London Careers Festival is for pupils from the following age group:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Post 16’s (16-19 year olds)

Key Statistics

In 2020:

  • Over 2,500 bookings for our virtual webinars
  • We delivered over 60 webinars virtually to pupils
  • Over 60 organisations were involved in the delivery of LCF webinars
  • 72 schools participated in the festival
  • Over 140 different career & skills related resources to explore

In 2019:

  • Over 5000 pupils attended the London Careers Festival
  • 113 schools participated at the event
  • 128 organisations and Livery Companies hosted various skills and career related offers
  • 94% of pupils agreed that London Careers Festival inspired them
  • 92% of pupils agreed that London Careers Festival helped them to think of new jobs
  • 100% of teachers agreed that London Careers Festival was informative

Useful Information

  • All London Careers Festival events are offered as an educational activity. We ask that schools, sixth-form colleges and youth groups follow their own ‘offsite/safeguarding’ policies and procedures.
  • We have numerous resources available to ensure that you have an informative and enjoyable experience. Please contact us if you have any questions about these.

Any queries ahead of London Careers Festival, please do email the London Careers Festival team at


For several years, the Livery Schools Link (LSL) have hosted the Livery Showcase which invites pupils from across London to hear from trades and professionals related to the Livery Companies to learn about the jobs on offer, talk to employers, and receive advice on pathways and routes to employment.

Similarly, The Stationer’s Company hosted Apprentice 18 in 2018 at which 30 businesses and potential employers in the communications and content industries hosted stands at Ravensbourne University to discuss apprenticeship opportunities with over 300 pupils from academies across Greater London.

The vision for the London Careers Festival was to bring together these two highly-valued and successful events and amplify them with the many and long-standing industry partnerships of the City Corporation to collaborate on a week-long festival focused on linking learners to professionals, employers and apprenticeship providers across a range of jobs and sectors. Schools across London would be invited to participate with a choice of events and workshops across the week.

So London Careers Festival was launched and delivered for the first time in 2019! Apprentice 19 and the Livery Showcase took center stage over two days at the Guildhall, and a range of employers across London hosted ‘fringe’ career events in their workplaces. There were 5,046 bookings, from 113 schools, hosted by 128 organisations and Livery Companies for events in 2019.

100% of teachers agreed that London Careers Festival was interactive in 2020

Apprentice Futures

The Apprentice Futures website is designed to help anyone seeking to find out more about Apprenticeships.  From what an apprenticeship is, potential apprenticeship roles in specific industries and sectors, information and feedback from apprentices themselves about what it is like to be an apprentice, to organisations that can help identify, recruit and manage placements as well as those that give general career advice and guidance.

Apprentice Futures is an initiative by the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers.  We are a Livery Company in the City of London granted a royal charter in 1557, our membership has strong links with the Communications and Content Industries.  You can find out more about us here:

The Stationers have supported those undertaking Apprenticeships in our Industries for centuries so it is only natural that we continue to do so, promoting and advocating apprenticeships to potential candidates through our membership and through the use of new technology.  We think it is important to encourage and support the aspirations of young people across the country as they consider their post-school choices as well as the ambitions of others who may already be in employment but looking to take on new skills and/or make a career change through an apprenticeship.

Please browse the website and give us any feedback you would like to by emailing – we welcome all feedback, be it positive or constructively critical, so that we can continue to adapt the website to make it more and more useful.

For more information visit their website here.

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