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Booking Policy

London Careers Festival webinars are free to all schools but we do require that you register and book tickets for these in advance. Key factors to note:

  • You MUST only book tickets for yourself or for pupils who you know will attend. Failure to do so may result in cancellation fees
  • All webinars/workshops are FREE to all schools/pupils
  • Bookings need to be made by teachers/responsible adults in the majority of cases, except for post 16 pupils.
  • Post 16s may book onto events directly.
  • Bookings for different events will need to be made separately.
  • Teachers – when you book tickets for your pupils, you will NOT need to disclose individual pupil details, only the number of pupils who will be attending.
  • Teachers – are required to join sessions with their pupils and therefore LCF offers should be incorporated as part of your curriculum for the week. Only exception is for post 16s who may join events directly themselves.
  • Once you have made a booking, we will send you joining instructions around 4 weeks before the event.
  • We have long waiting lists for many of our events and therefore we want to offer spaces onto our workshops to pupils who are keen to attend!
  • Additionally, cancellation fees may apply if you do not inform us of absences well in advance or attend the event on the day

For all queries, please contact 


Live webinars/workshops form a key part of what the London Careers Festival has to offer to schools and pupils. You can see a full list of these under the Book option.

To attend these webinars, we do require that you register and book tickets in advance.