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Guildhall Yard,

Secondary Post 16




Speed Mentoring with Industry Professionals

Have you ever wanted to know how those career professionals did it? 

Do you want to know the real insights into the world of work?


Then this event is for you!




Speed mentoring is like speed dating, but for your career. It involves one-on-one conversations between a mentor and a mentee. Through our event, you will have the privilege to meet and speak to several mentors during an allotted amount of time to obtain the information you are looking for to advance your career aspirations. Benefits of speed mentoring:

1- Interact with experienced professionals

You will be introduced to 4 – 6 mentors on a one to one basis. Spending 15 minutes with each person. These conversations will provide you with expert knowledge and advice from a variety of professionals, with different experience, expertise and backgrounds.

2- Network

Speed mentoring is a great way for the mentee and the mentor to expand their networks. Networking is an important aspect of any person’s career growth, and this is your chance to create a network of value that you can leverage in the future.

3- Gain practical advice, knowledge, encouragement, and support

You can ask your mentor to provide tips and insights on how to make it in and/or succeed within the Banking and Finance industry.