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Secondary 16-19

Live Sessions (No registration required) Webinar

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Access HE: The Secret Skills of Career Success! Critical thinking workshop – Lesson Two, Understanding

Join to learn key techniques in critical thinking – these skills are crucial whether you are starting out in your career, tackling a difficult assignment at university, or navigating a difficult problem in your life.

  • Learn how to:
    • To learn how to make sense of our thoughts.
    • To challenge the ‘school’ way of doing things
    • To understand how to uncover hidden connections in our work

How to capture our ideas in a way that helps analysis, juxtapostion and creativity.

No booking required for this session as this will be a YouTube Live stream. Simply click on ‘Click here’ to access the joining link at the date and time specified here.

This event is particularly suited to anyone in year 7-13.