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Secondary 16-19

Live Sessions (No registration required) Webinar

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Access HE: The Secret Skills of Career Success! Critical thinking workshop – Lesson Four, Collaborating

Join to learn key techniques in critical thinking – these skills are crucial whether you are starting out in your career, tackling a difficult assignment at university, or navigating a difficult problem in your life.

  • Learn about:
    • Techniques that assist creativity and a multi-lateral approach.
    • The value of cross-pollination.
    • Challenge the notion of oppositional thinking, which underpins much of how our society still works.

Look at how collaboration leads back into deeper questioning (phase one)

No booking required for this session as this will be a YouTube Live stream. Simply click on ‘Click here’ to access the joining link at the date and time specified here.

This event is particularly suited to anyone in year 7-13.