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5 factors that prevent diverse talent from succeeding (virtual)

This interactive workshop will provide diverse talents with the thinking tools to understand their career journey and the factors that influence it

We live in an unfair society, especially for the 93% of people who do not benefit from attending private school. Statistics show that our success is not defined by our ambition, drive or ability to get back up from knock backs. The biggest factor to career success is the family we are born into.
In this interactive workshop, you will learn:
● The five key factors that impact social mobility
● Understand the different parts of a candidate/employee journey ● The social mobility factors that put diverse talent on the back foot at each stage of their journey



To book tickets for a teacher accompanied by a group of pupils, please book 1 TEACHER TICKET PER TEACHER and indicate on the booking form how many pupils will be joining.

Students attending unaccompanied should book 1 student ticket.