BEAUMONT - Operations Workshop

At Beaumont, service and design are at the heart of everything that we do. We want to inspire individuals to see how great customer service skills can elevate their future careers. We want the session to be relatable to all ages, as everyone will have experienced some level of customer service without even realising it!

Activities will include:

• An overview of what a serviced office is and the unique approach that Beaumont brings to the concept.

• The importance of making a good first impression – role play from our own front of house team. Getting feedback from the group of how they were greeted and how the ‘welcome experience’ made them feel.

• The importance of good customer service to our business.

• ‘Spot the difference’: Fun competition to drive understanding of good and bad customer service experience.

• Presentation from one of our own team members and their career journey and the importance that customer service has played.

We would like the group to understand the importance of customer service and how it can apply to a multitude of roles/career choices.


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ONE SESSION; 13:30-15:00
London EC4V 4EG

Students must be accompanied by a teacher or TA.