What is FineTech?

FinTech” is used to describe the growing trend to use software, technology and the internet to create and deliver financial services. This could be checking your bank balance on an app on your phone, paying for your lunch through contactless with your smartwatch, or crowdfunding a project or new business through an online platform.
The FinTech for Schools campaign is designed to encourage young people to understand the increasing importance of digital skills in the workplace. It explores how young people will increasingly use FinTech across their personal lives and how they can work in the sector as part of their professional lives.
Inspiring students from an early age, by providing them with a wide variety of role models from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, is a vital first step in creating a new model to deliver real change in terms of diversity in the workplace and to encourage all students to grasp the wide opportunities available to them in this field.
• To introduce students to financial services and the tech sector, including the concept of FinTech and how this is changing the way they will interact with their own finances in the future;
• To present FinTech as a future growth industry students may consider working in and why, explaining the types of work and opportunities available within the FinTech sector, helping students understand the skills required and the different career paths into FinTech;
• To bust myths about any pre-conceived ideas students may have about the kinds of people who are able to work in FinTech, and inspire them to help change the future of finance.


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TWO SESSIONS; 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00
London EC2M 2PP

Students must be accompanied by a teacher or TA.