DG CITIES - City Challenge Interactive Workshop

DG Cities offer a hands-on, interactive workshop on the topic of 'city challenges.' Whether exploring how self-driving cars can help people move around more efficiently and safely, or how renewable energy technologies can be introduced into our buildings, this workshop will take a holistic, integrated and creative approach to exploring how we can improve our cities.

The workshop will include various activities such as problem solving, case studies and group discussion. Students will be presented with different challenges that modern cities are currently facing, and will be encouraged to provide their input and think creatively about how technology can help to solve these problems. The particular topics of the workshop will be confirmed at a later date, but will largely be determined by DG Cities’ latest project work. This will offer students insight into the unique and timely problems that we are currently working on, and will also offer concrete, real-world examples to illustrate this.

While the workshops will be run by subject matter experts in a number of fields, such as energy and transportation, prior knowledge or a STEM background is not required of students – all we ask is that they bring their creativity and own experiences and are willing to think outside the box! Students participating in this workshop will ideally gain an increased awareness of the challenges facing modern cities and an introduction to some of the different types of technologies that might come forward in the future.


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TWO SESSION; 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00
London SE10 0ER

Students must be accompanied by a teacher or TA.