CITY LIT - 3D to 4D: 3D Digital Scanning Workshop

3D scanning offers an alternative method to content creation for 3D printed outputs. In this workshop, participants will use model make in 3D and then 3D scan a stationary object. Using iMAcs they will have an opportunity to edit and amend their scanned file. Learners will see how scanned objects can be a starting point for building up organic forms for sculpture, be developed into components for repair, or be a simple faster alternative to 3D modelling in Rhino or other. Be inspired to explore channels of experimentation within the software used! As part of this workshop the tutors, Emilia Netto and Clark Keatley, will talk about how 3D scanning is used in industry. How it is an update to 3D hand-modelling, but also how the same principles of making apply. Learners will have a chance to discuss the careers that use 3D scanners and their relevant 3D printers and software. Careers: Product designer, Digital Animator, 3D Scanning Engineer, 3D Scanning Technician for Animation and Film, Laser Scanning Technician


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ONE SESSION; 10:00-12:00
London WC2B 4BA

Students must be accompanied by a teacher or TA.