BEAUMONT - Projects and Design Workshop

At Beaumont, service and design are at the heart of everything that we do. We want to inspire individuals to see how design skills can elevate their future careers. In this session we want to offer students exposure to the process that goes into the design and construction of high-end commercial office space, and give them the opportunity to experience the different roles involved with a project.

Activities will include:

• A tour of Bridge House, the latest centre opened in September 2018. Following this, the group will be split into teams to do the following:

• An exercise in space planning – giving the attendees an opportunity to try their hand at designing a high-end corporate space.

• Developing their design to select materials, finishes, furniture, and experience the process of sourcing and pricing these items.

• Following the tour and the design experience, the teams will take part in a quiz based on their experience.

We would like the group to gain an insight into what makes a well-designed space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and hopefully inspire a younger generation.


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ONE SESSION; 10:00-13:00
London EC4V 4EG

Students must be accompanied by a teacher or TA.